Technology has simplified the traditional hospital visit process to similar services at your fingertip. Are you thinking about trust factors? Well! By leveraging EMR from SushPanchabuta enables individuals and doctors to avail secure connection and store the data in a 128 bit highly encrypted cloud-enabled database. Medical practitioners and patients worldwide will gain access to data and proffer the best treatment solutions in a single place.


Understand Your Health Better than Anyone
The smart tools from Sush: Panchabhuta enable individuals to know their health status, record streamlined test results and medication lists, and store securely through an electronic medium.
Never Forget your Tests
Integrated smart telemedicine interconnected with doctors and yourself reminds about the upcoming doctor visits, lab tests, and medications to be refilled.
Periodic Measurement Keeps One-Step Ahead
Timely analysis and parameter analysis, especially through the Sush: Panchabhuta stethoscope, on heart rate and pulse measurement, ensure a person's utmost health. The person with sufferings also avails increased and faster treatments compared to the conventional process.

Clinical Research

Learn, Deploy, and Access Medical Advances
You can easily retrieve and upload patient documents to the cloud in a secured, authentic channel. The EMR services from Sush: Panchabhuta enable individuals to connect with the EMR network inside the hospitals. Once they enter a particular department, the same data can be shared amongst doctors for fast and immediate treatment.
Allow Us to Take Care of Your Health
The data collected will be used for research and analysis studies on individual authorization basis. This helps us to study more about the functionality of the product, identify additional features that further enhance the care offerings, and build a comprehensive platform in the future. During the study, if any abnormalities are found, we will also provide you the medications required on a timely basis.
128 Bit Secured Data Storage Model
The storage repository is end-to-end secured with highly authenticated security algorithms. You can trust us with the data shared from you; none of the persons will have access to data unless it is approved from your side.

Application Program Interface (API)

Integrate, Test, Enjoy Advanced Services Get-onboard Easily with Existing Infrastructure
Our EMR platform is user-friendly and compatible with multiple platforms. In simple, it is platform-independent. Either allow your developers or from our side to successfully integrate the code within your system.
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Getting Started

Joining Hands with Technology & Health
Surpassing the Existing Barriers and Approaching Towards Enhanced Patient Care
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